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This site intends to shed some light on the investment decision process. The following is a brief introduction of useful features of this web site.

Here are some basics about investment, such as margin of safety, market efficiency, risk and reward, quotable quotes, and common sense in investment and risk management.
Good Habits
Here are a few good habits for financial success, and some advice from Benjamin Graham.
Asset Allocation
Asset allocation between risky stock index and risk-free Treasury bills: what is the optimal fraction invested in each? Here is a starting point. 
Stock Evaluator
Here is a stock evaluator that calculates a stock's intrinsic value using your assumptions. It helps for security selection.
Loan Calculator
Do you ever wonder how much interest rate reduction you should have if you pay a certain amount of upfront points? Do you ever wonder if it's worthwhile to refinance given the refinancing costs? Here is a loan calculator for you. 



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